Hi, I'm Melissa! 

I am a board certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner as well as a Pediatric Health and Wellness Consultant.

I love all stages of pediatrics - from infants to adolescents.  I even love the early college years although I am not sure they would call themselves pediatric!  

I am a believer in most things health and wellness - I value balance! And I love treats! 



How I started in Medicine:

I was an emergency room nurse for almost a decade before finishing my masters.  It was a job that I loved, but if I am being honest, I was stressed and didn’t even realize it!  There isn't enough time to tell you all the amazing and life altering moments I witnessed - there is absolutely a need for modern medicine and I am so grateful to the people who choose to make Emergency Medicine their life's work!  

But there are also a lot of attempts at quick fixes and punting between primary care and specialists.  Patients would return again and again for the same problems, exacerbated symptoms, and even new symptoms - always looking for answers.

I wanted to do more...to impact health in a way that promoted wellness. 

So I went back to school!  And decided to focus only on pediatrics, specifically primary care. I have been a Pediatric NP for a handful of years now.  Initially in the hospital setting supporting families and taking care of children who were living with medical uncertainty.  Then in private practice, supporting families and taking care of children who are well and facing common childhood diseases. 

~ Two very different perspectives on quality of life and the burden of illness and disease ~

I also began to navigate some health issues in my own children...nothing that would seem to change the course of their life, but chronic frustrating things like a VERY fussy baby, reflux, recurrent ear infections, food sensitivities, GI upset, etc.  While also dealing with acne, anxiety, and confidence concerns in my teenagers.  We went to the pediatrician and then the specialists - where we were offered a 'pill for an ill' (more antibiotics than I would like to admit) and told the research didn't support food as medicine or lifestyle interventions.  As their problems continued, we were offered more pills for their ills....because we just hadn't picked the right one yet... but not a single one of my three children experienced healing this way.  If we stopped or completed a medication, all their symptoms came right back.  

 So...I changed my approach!

I have always loved 'crunchy' things, but more as a hobby and not a lifestyle.  I went down a rabbit hole looking for information - the literature, websites, blogs, books.  I also went looking for a mentor (and ended up landing a really great job!) in integrative pediatrics.  It was like drinking from a fire hose - relearning how the body truly works as a whole, always trying to find balance, and giving us clues when something isn't quite right. 

I have learned to navigate the medical system well and to partner with my children's providers to find the why. 

~ I have also learned that sometimes we just have to find a new provider ~  

The truth is, conventional medicine doesn't often give MDs/NPs the time and support to dig deep with you!  They have a few minutes to chat about one or two symptoms and then try to offer you some relief.  

I started Melissa Britton Wellness because I wanted you to have another option - one that I saw help my own children.  An approach that considers your child's uniqueness, environment, and lifestyle that is influencing their health.  We will look at the whole, considering everything that has had an impact on who they are now - starting from the very beginning (pregnancy and birth!).  This is not a quick fix solution or a free pass to never getting sick again (I wish!).  It is setting a foundation to allow your child to live well.

**For clarity - sometimes we do need to tag in the specialist!  I have one of those children...one who has had more than one specialist and multiple appointments a year to manage and monitor a medical problem that cannot be "fixed" and requires conventional medicine.  However, I can absolutely minimize intervention and complications with lifestyle, nutrition, and environment - allowing my little love to live as adventurously as possible!

Time - something you never get back, so stop waiting!  Let's get your child out there living well!


Random things about me!

Like I love the color pink...if you couldn't tell  

I am horrible with technology but I endure and figure it out...for you guys! 
I LOVE pizza!  I could probably eat it every day!       
I don't do this, but I seriously could!


I am most productive in the mornings and not much of a night owl. 
You will likely find me in my pjs and tucked in bed as soon as my toddler is down for the night.


If I am not working or busy being a Mama - I am probably painting or scheming my next DIY project for our vintage home.  

I love a good project!

I never ever thought I would be courageous enough to own my own business... But I am so glad I did it!

And praise the Lord for teenagers!  Seriously - their understanding of technology and love of social media has been so helpful! This is a family thing!


Ready to take the next step?