Pediatric and Adolescent Health Consulting

Taking a comprehensive approach to health to get rid of nagging symptoms so that children and adolescents can live well!


If your child is struggling with

Acne, Eczema, or other Skin Issues

Chronic Constipation or Diarrhea

Asthma or Chronic Allergies

Feeling Anxious or Gloomy 

Attention or Behavior Concerns

and YOU (Mama) feel unheard and overwhelmed with symptoms, advocating for your child, and filtering through the vast amount of information out there  

then I can help you!

In my 1:1 program you will:

Have access to functional medicine testing

In depth analysis of test results in a way you can understand + a plan to address what is discovered

Access to medical grade supplements if needed

Quick weekly online check ins

Access to all my favorite resources, home detox, favorite foods, nutrition basics, supplements and more.

And access to ME!  To problem solve and adjust our plan as needed - the opportunity to schedule a virtual visit several times each month along with the opportunity to just send a quick message. 


How to work with me:

Step one:


Start by filling out the brief application below and scheduling a 15 min phone or zoom call where we can discuss your current symptoms and next steps if appropriate.

Apply now

Step two:

Deep Dive

We will schedule a 60-90 min deep dive into your child's medical history and current concerns. This will require some prep work on your part - filling out a detailed form(s) before your appoint.  Once we are on the call, we can begin to peel back the layers to figure out how you got here and how to move forward.  

Step three:

Working together

 We will get started right away with collecting any testing necessary.  As we wait for those results to come in, we will work together to start implementing small changes with big impacts.

Step four:

Follow up

You will be able to schedule you next appoint(s) where we will go over test results, create customized changes to protocols, and continue to take actionable steps to create sustainable change.  And remember, you are not alone!  You will have access to me (thanks technology) to help trouble shoot, clarify, and adjust our approach as needed when needed. 

Not sure if this is right for you?   

Click below to schedule a quick (and free) chat - we can figure it out together!

Take the leap!

Frequently Asked Questions: